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Anonymous said: Where's that picture of Rin with the yaoi chin from???? V important
Anonymous said: Was the kurotsuki fic you read that you drew art for the first time one from readbetweenthelion's 30 day smut challenge?


Anonymous said: hi! i really love the way you do the muscle outline in your drawings ,like back muscles , and i was wondering if u look at refs or ?? because u do them so nice and wow

hi! i do look at refs for muscles from time to time, but i don’t have them out when i draw (to prevent stiffness in lines because i’ll try and draw it like the ref). thanks a bunch!

kurotsuki drawn directly from a fic i read (too embarrassed to say which)

i think its ok to post this drawing i made for j’s yasuani bible ….



Kuroko no Basuke 49Q NG

Who says your shoulder can’t be healed? So what if it’s wrecked? Don’t crush your own potential before you even try. I’ll be waiting for you.

late for 9/12, happy murahimu day